Glynde Forge(Former Library)

清家 冨夫 / Tomio Seike



Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/-   Size/248*298*8
Japanese photographer Tomio Seike's photo book "Glynde Forge (Former Library)". Tomio Seike, a world-famous photographer based in Tokyo and Brighton. After studying at a Japanese photography school and working as a freelancer, he attracted attention for his portrait series of foreign women Zoe in the 1980s, and exhibited at prestigious galleries such as Hamiltons in London and Howard Greenburgh in New York. Has been held, and so far, street and landscape works such as "Paris" and "Waterscapes" have been announced. Among Japanese photographers, he is highly evaluated from overseas for his outstanding sense cultivated in Europe, delicate aesthetic sense and camera work that makes you feel Japanese culture, and sharpened prints. This book is an interior still life series published by Hamilton's Gallery in 2006. An old blacksmith's workshop that Seike found while taking a walk with a friend. The room has a mysterious atmosphere as if time has stopped. A faint light shining on dusty blades and tools in the dark. A number of breathtakingly beautiful works taken over 6 months by persuading the owner of the studio. Limited to 750 copies. (There is a library stamp on the title page)
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<Condition> Acceptable. Former Library.