A Woman's Obsession

Chantal Stoman

¥3,300(¥3,000 + tax)

Publisher/Editions de la Martiniere

Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/-   Size/220*280*10
"A Woman's Obsession", a collection of works by French female photographer Chantal Stomann. He left behind many impressive works that cut out Japanese culture from his own perspective, and has been introduced many times in the magazine "Numero TOKYO". Recently, he set the stage in the fascinating city "Ome". Stoman who made a documentary movie "OMECITTA" and became a hot topic. This is Stoman's unique collection of works, which was also exhibited at Chanel Nexus Hall, and is composed of works focusing on Japanese women who worship Western luxury brands through snaps in Tokyo. Whether you look to the right or to the left, many women are holding Chanel and Dior bags and paper bags. Why are they so pursuing the brand? With that in mind, it is a unique book that highlights the unique culture of Japan for women.
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<Condition> Very good.