Guido Argentini



Format/ハードカバー   Pages/208   Size/300*320*30
"Reflections", a photo book by Italian photographer Guido Argentina. Born in Florence, he attended the medical school of a local university for three years, but turned his career at the age of 23 to focus on more intriguing photography. Since then, he has been engaged in creative activities focusing on fashion and nudity, moving his base to Los Angeles, and has released many works on Vogue, Marie Claire, Playboy, etc. We are solidifying that position. Many fans are fascinated by the fascinating illustrations that tickle elegant and eroticism, and the works that have the strength of women reminiscent of the former Helmut Newton, and are a popular photographer in Japan. This is a unique collection of works composed of portraits of models in front of a mirror and multi-layered images of their reflection.
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<Condition> Good.