Should Nature Change

John Gossage



Format/ハードカバー   Pages/-   Size/250*295*20
"Should Nature Change" is a collection of works by John Gossage, one of the leading photographers in modern America. Gossage has continued to portray "something" that you wouldn't normally look at, "something" that is a fragment of everyday life that you might overlook, and "something" that resides in invisible things. The style is clear from the masterpiece "The Pond", which has made its name in the history of photography, to the title "Nothing", which seems to symbolize Gossage's photography published in 2014. This is a book published by Steidl alongside Gossage's "America" series "Jack Wilson's Waltz" and "The Nicknames of Citizens", which follow the same design. A beautiful collection of works that are not flashy but have a lot of "tasteful" works. The content is irresistible for photography lovers, and the scenery and portraits of living things are all wonderful. ..
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