20XX Tokyo

篠山 紀信 / Kishin Shinoyama

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"20XX Tokyo" is a collection of works by Kishin Shinoyama, one of Japan's leading photographers after the war. Although he has an overwhelming name and career in commercial photography, he is far from the path of photography that Araki and Moriyama have taken, such as "Japanese Photographer Series", "Sonorama Photo Selection Series", and "Modern Video Series". , I have not participated in the collection of works by representative photographers after the war. However, its sense and reliable technique are recognized by everyone including Nobuyoshi Araki, and in 2021, a large-scale exhibition and retrospective exhibition was held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography under the title of "New Sunny Day". I am. This book is from the "No Nude by KISHIN" series published by Asahi Press in the 2000s, and consists of portraits, nudes, landscapes, etc. with female models as motifs set in the night of Tokyo.70 This is a collection of works that reminds us of the young Shinoyama era around the ages.
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