European Diary 1983. 1984.

北島 敬三 / Keizo Kitajima

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Publisher/Little Big Man

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"European Diary 1983. 1984.", A collection of works by Keizo Kitajima, a photographer representing postwar Japan. Today, Kitajima is a style that talks about things and events through "landscape," as in "Untitled Records," which is regularly published as a photo exhibition and photo book. On the other hand, in the early 70's, the focus was on coarse-grained monochrome that made full use of the blur that is reminiscent of Daido Moriyama, who studied, and Moriyama's nickname is "Street Sniper". was. The "Europe" work announced this time was taken when Kitajima traveled to Europe after "New York", where he began to feel uncomfortable with his conventional creations and was searching for new ways of expressing and facing photographs. It consists of illustrations, many of which are unpublished works. Also, in the early days, it was exactly the "express delivery" style, which was printed on the day of shooting and displayed the next day, but this was announced 35 years after shooting. It is a book that always touches the heart of Kitajima's consciousness, which is always aware of the "time axis" of photographs. Limited to 500 copies.
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