Santa Barbara(Unopened)

Diana Markosian

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Format/ハードカバー   Pages/216   Size/223*285*25
"Santa Barbara (Unopened)", a collection of works by Diana Marcodian (1989-), an Armenian-American female photographer. This is the debut monograph by Marco Zian, a Magnum Photos candidate who has been attracting attention from various fields. Born in the former Soviet Moscow, he moved to the United States as a child. Studied journalism at Columbia University and has been active as a photojournalist since his early twenties. Modern feminine sensibilities and excellent editorial work have often been featured in various well-known magazines such as The New York Times. This book is a documentary with his own mother as a motif, and it is a documentary that skillfully interweaves not only photographs but also images, videos, drawings, texts, etc. by superimposing it on the popular melodrama "Santa Barbara" in the United States. It is also a new frontier. It is an ambitious work that raises various problems through the story of immigrants, the relationship between mother and daughter, the American dream, and the experience of herself and her family. New unopened.
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<Condition> New, unopened.