Talia Chetrit

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"Showcaller (Unopened)", a collection of works by American female photographer Talia Chetrit. Born in Washington, DC in 1982, Chetrit is one of the hottest photographers now based in New York. In the fall / winter 2021, he was also in charge of the image visual of the first collaboration between the collection brand "Jil Sander" and the lifestyle brand "Birkenstock". While creating with a wide range of stances, from directing photographs and self-portraits from a performance-rich contemporary art perspective like Cindy Sherman, to intimate things with family and close friends, to snapshots of the city. However, its perspective, thoughts, combinations and storytelling are unique, not too artistic, not too photographed like snapshots, and sexual and identity-filled, making it modern and next-generation. This is a book published at the exhibition held in Germany in 2018, and is a collection of works in which the charm of Talia mentioned above is condensed. It's a very interesting book that "gets caught". New unopened.
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<Condition> New, unopened.