奥山 由之 / Yoshiyuki Okuyama

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"Flowers (Signed)" is a collection of works by Yoshiyuki Okuyama, a photographer representing contemporary Japan. It is very popular in the fashion and commercial world, and the popular fashion photography magazine "Union" has published a special issue of Okuyama photography. It's not an unreal world, it's too impactful, it's not a difficult thing like art, it's a skillful use of high-sense coloring, composition, and visual sense based on a modern-style real-close feeling. A photographer with great storytelling. As the title suggests, this book is a collection of works with the motif of "flowers", and there are a series of beautiful illustrations that skillfully manipulate the light and colors that are typical of Okuyama. The residence of my late grandmother. Another theme is "silent dialogue" between Okuyama and his grandmother through "flowers", and the book design is Kaoru Kasai. Autographed by a photographer .
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