IMA Vol.31 2020 Spring


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Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/173   Size/255*335*10
Photo magazine "IMA Vol.31 2020 Spring" published by amana. This issue is a special issue of Daisuke Yokota, one of the leading photographers in modern Japan. About 100 pages are divided into pages related to Yokota, and the cover photo of this issue is also Yokota's work. From the latest work "Room / North" to the archives "Back Yard", "site / cloud", "Vertigo", "Dripping Root", "Color Photographs", "Matter", and even Robert Campbell, which are now valuable works. A dialogue with Ichiro Yamaguchi and an interview by Shigeo Goto are also included. In addition, a special feature in memory of Issei Suda, a photographer representing the 20th century, is also posted, including unpublished works, comments by Hitoshi Suzuki, Risaku Suzuki, and interviews with his wife, Yoshiko Suda. It has been.
<Related Artists> 横田 大輔 / Daisuke Yokota
<Condition> Very good.