The Magazine for Leica M Photography No.1




Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/193   Size/225*300*15
The memorable first issue of the magazine "The Magazine for Leica M Photography" (commonly known as M Magazine) published by Leica. Guest photographers include Magnum Photos' Bruce Gilden "The Face of Mr. Gilden", Trent Parke "Dreamtime", Alex Webb "Blue Turns to Gray", Ciril Jazbec "On Thin Ice" and Jan Grarup "In". The Name of Faith? ”, Anton Kusters“ Japan's Godfathers ”, but it's still Trent Parke. The latest work, Crimson Line, published by Stanley Baker, was sold out in a blink of an eye, but it consisted of black-and-white snapshots taken on the now legendary Australian streets of Park's First Book. 14 of the illustrations included in "Dream / Life" are also introduced in this book.
<Related Artists> Trent ParkeBruce GildenAlex Webb
<Condition> Good.