Still Life(Unopened)

Luigi Ghirri

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Publisher/Baldini Castoldi Dalai Editore

Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/160   Size/245*270*15
Italian photographer Luigi Ghirri's photo book "Still Life (Unopened)". Luigi Ghirri is regaining popularity both at home and abroad with the reprint of "Kodachrome" published in 1978 and the "Photo Lecture" published by Misuzu Shobo. An artistic photographer who has a deep knowledge of art, architecture, music, etc., is obsessed with images, and continues to think through images. This book is a collection of photographs published at the exhibition of the same name held in Bologna, Italy in 2005, and is a popular still life series among Gilli's works. Composed of works taken with a small camera between the early eras of 1975 and 1981, it features a well-thought-out composition, vibrant coloring, and a unique concept in fragmented illustrations. It is included and makes you feel an intimate perspective on Gilli's things and abundant creativity. This book is a condensed view of the world unique to Luigi Ghirri, who had a close relationship with artists such as the painter Giorgio Morandi and the architect Aldo Rossi. The text is Italian. New unopened.
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<Condition> New, unopened.