Spew Ⅱ




Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/500   Size/180*260*35
This is the second issue of a collection of works published by Daisuke Yokota, a leading photographer in contemporary Japan, and Spew, a coterie group consisting of Naohiro Udagawa and Koji Kitagawa, both of whom are active on the international stage. The gene common to this unit is "the pursuit of endless photographic expression possibilities". A photo that was destroyed by "Provoke" about 50 years ago has the illusion of being newly destroyed. Not limited to blurring and blurring, we have devised various methods not only for shooting styles but also for printing, and without knowing what will be recorded anymore, we are excited about "something that is newly born because we do not know". There is even an atmosphere as if you are having fun. This Spew series continues as a series, as if it holds a record of three people, but this second issue is a classic thick phone book format, with a series of abstract illustrations like contemporary art. .. Autographed by a photographer .
<Related Artists> 横田 大輔 / Daisuke Yokota
<Condition> Body: Cover damage, page edge damage