160 Sheets(Signed)

横田 大輔 / Daisuke Yokota



Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/-   Size/200*288*13
Japanese photographer Daisuke Yokota's photo book "160 Sheets (Signed)". Daisuke Yokota is one of the young photographers who is currently receiving the most attention in the world. Rather than forming "records" and "images" by shooting on-site, we emphasize the contingency obtained through editing and processing using Photoshop, etc., and the development process incorporating various special techniques, and make it abstract. Yokota style is a style that creates a new image by a mixture of concreteness, reality and unreality, spirit and substance, chance and inevitability. The series is the act of reconstructing the meaning and value standards of conventional photography, and it makes us feel modernity based on the influence of the spread of digital cameras and the Internet, and discovers new possibilities for photography. I have. In recent years, the artist has been attracting attention in installations, etc., beyond the framework of photography, but this book is a collection of works composed of abstract color plates that condense Yokota's world view mentioned above. Autographed by a photographer .
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