En Memoire de Saul Leiter(First Edition)

Francois Halard

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Format/ハードカバー   Pages/63   Size/240*290*15
"En Memoire de Saul Leiter (First Edition)", a collection of works by French photographer François Alar. Born in France in 1961, Alar is now based in New York. He has worked editorial for nearly 20 years at Conde Nast and the New York Times, and has long collaborated with art director masters such as Fabien Baron and Alexander Liberman. In recent years, he has taken studio photographs of Sai Tombley, Robert Rauschenberg, and Luigi Ghirri, who has become very popular in Japan in recent years, and is famous for his architectural and interior photography. And it's explosively popular all over the world, and Steidl's "Early Work" (2006) is an illustration of the apartment of American photographer Saul Leiter, which was reprinted up to the 8th edition by 2019. A photo book composed of. A wonderful book with both illustrations and editorials. The second edition has also been published, but this is the first edition limited to 1500 copies.
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