New York(Fair Copy)

北島 敬三 / Keizo Kitajima



Format/ハードカバー   Pages/188   Size/305*215*15
A photo book "New York (Fair Copy)" by Japanese photographer Keizo Kitajima. "New York" is highly evaluated among the art photo books that Japan is proud of in the world. After studying at Daido Moriyama's workshop photography school, he started taking snapshots in Okinawa, and established a self-managed gallery with his comrades. He made a series of presentations and a booklet, and his efforts to emphasize the improvisational nature of photography, such as "print what you took immediately and show it," were highly evaluated, and then Kitajima moved to New York. Dive into a city full of strange atmosphere and a certain kind of horror than Tokyo, and selected from a total of 900 films and 35,000 cuts captured with a flash like a sniper who was described as "Violence at Noon" This is the work I did. A group of powerful and energetic works that seem to expose the unknown'Ura New York'. Kimura Ihei Award winning work. (There are some burns and blurs on the cover, and burns, stains, and threads on the edges.)
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<Condition> Good ~ Acceptable. Sunburned and small tear & damages on the jacket.
Sunburned and some stains on the edges. Some wear on the edges.