Harumi Gals(Special Edition, 2016)

山口 はるみ / Harumi Yamaguchi

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Format/ソフトカバー&スリップケース   Pages/182   Size/215*280*20
A collection of works by Japanese female artist Harumi Yamaguchi "Harumi Gals (Special Edition, 2016)". Harumi Yamaguchi, an illustrator who was one of the members who built the heyday of PARCO advertising with creative director Kazuko Koike and art director Eiko Ishioka. He has been interested in painting since he was a student, and after graduating from the oil painting department of Tokyo University of the Arts, he joined the Seibu Department Store Advertising Department. In 1969, he became a freelancer and was active in commercial illustrations such as PARCO. The hyper-real women who established the airbrush painting method and were created from the colorful and brilliant and erotic style of painting became a hot topic as "Harumi Gals". This book is a collection of works edited by NANZUKA, the year after Yamaguchi's solo exhibition at the contemporary art gallery NANZUKA in 2015, and contains 115 works. Includes "Super Realized Pop Art-Harumi Yamaguchi's Realism Painting" by art critic Noi Sawaragi. Limited to 2000 copies (2 types of covers). Both English and Japanese. This is a special edition limited to 100 copies, with a silk screen signed by Harumi Yamaguchi and a number .
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<Condition> Very good.