Colossal Youth(Third Edition)

Andreas Weinand

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Publisher/Peperoni Books

Format/ソフトカバー&スリップケース   Pages/64   Size/250*350*13
"Colossal Youth (Third Edition)", a collection of works by German photographer Andreas Weinand. A photographer who has been active since the 1980s, he has a good reputation for documentaries that he searches for a long time in parallel with commission work, and he has been chasing an elderly couple who grows crops in the countryside for a long time. "Earth" is also famous, but here is the work that made Weinando's name known to the world. A book that takes three years to describe the lifestyles of young people through friends living in the suburbs of Essen, Germany. Expressing uncontrollable emotions, anger, fun, love, chasing dreams, sometimes frustrating, sometimes encouraging, and overcoming companions. .. All of these young people are condensed into this 60-page decent. This is a wonderful book that describes the youth culture that is full of humanity as captured by documentalists. It has been reprinted up to the 4th edition, but limited to the 3rd edition and 200 copies. (Book published in Parr & Badger Vol.3)
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