Cut Shaving, The Xerox Edition

Jaap Scheeren

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Publisher/Fw Books

Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/-   Size/210*270*13
A collection of works by Dutch photographer Jaap Scheeren (1979-) "Cut Shaving, The Xerox Edition". Born in Nijmegen, Gelderland, near the German border, Schellen has been commissioning major media outlets such as FOAM, NY Times, and Wallpaper, while also doing his own creative activities, and recently objects and installations. He is an artist who also energetically handles artwork such as. This is a summary of Schellen's works so far, but the concept is interesting, and it is a copy of the books and magazines published so far, as well as his own plates with Xerox copy. .. There is no general order in it, and it is freely laid out and designed, but this disorderly enumeration is a new method that has thrown a stone in the way of expressing photographs, and Magnum Photos' Carolyn Drake says she has looked back at the book many times in her search for new ways of expression through her photobooks.
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<Condition> Good with small damages on the cover.