Fred Herzog -Photographs-

Fred Herzog

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A collection of photographs by Fred Herzog, a photographer born in Germany and active in Canada. In 1953, when he was 23 years old, he taught himself to take color photographs, took about 120,000 street photographs to acquire skills, and in 1957 he found a job as a Medical Photographer in Bangubar. In 1961, he became the head of the Medical Photography Department at the University of British Columbia, where he worked for the next 29 years while engaging in photography education at other universities. He has been holding solo exhibitions in Canada since the 1970s, but since 2000, he has been holding solo exhibitions at the prestigious Lawrence Mirror Gallery in New York's photo gallery, and has attracted worldwide attention. .. This book mainly introduces color plates taken in the 1950s and 1960s. Herzog, which contained more artistic color photographs than before the rise of American new color photographs. Reminiscent of American photographer Saul Leiter, unlike the tranquil style of the writer, Herzog's dream of an American dream is portrayed through the streets of Canada.
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