Morandi's Objects(Unopened)

Joel Meyerowitz



Format/ハードカバー   Pages/113   Size/323*260*20
"Morandi's Objects (Unopened)", a photo book by Joel Myrowitz, a representative of new color photography in the United States. Myrowitz aspired to be a photographer after being shocked by his work with Robert Frank, who worked as an art director. Since then, he has taken on the challenge of color photography on streets and landscapes, has established a solid position as a color photographer since the 1970s, and has released masterpieces such as "Cape Light" and "Wild Flowers". This book is a collection of photographs published at the exhibition held in Italy in 2015. Still Life visited the atelier of Bologna by Giorgio Morandi, one of Italy's leading painters, and photographed vases, jugs, cans and other objects owned by Morandi. There have been photographers who captured Morandi's atelier in the camera, including Luigi Ghirri, but most of them were photographs depicting Morandi's footprints and the atmosphere of the atelier. As a photographer, Morandi stares at the objects that Morandi draws every day, and carefully photographs the beauty created from the outside and inside like a portrait. New unopened.
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<Condition> New(unopened).