Documentary 写真 reminders project magazine vol.2



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This book is an independent photo booklet published in the 2000s by four photographers. Ryo Kameyama, a member who is also in charge of editing, filmed homeless people, starting with an interview at Sanrizuka. After that, he flew overseas to cover conflict areas in Central and South America in Mexico and Colombia. He moved to Palestine from 2000, but lost his eyesight during the interview. However, he is a journalist and documenter who has traveled to Africa and is still active. Representative works include "Africa War Journal", "Yamakumata", and "Battlefield". In addition, Hiromichi Hashimoto, who won the 4th Weekly Contemporary Document Photograph Award Special Award in "Tokyo Tower / Tsutenkaku 1998" published in a private edition in 1998, Hideaki Takamatsu from a newspaper company, and Atsushi Shibuya are listed. The recorded works are "Hitoyo (Hashimoto)", "Silent Lie Silent Truth (Takamatsu)", "Alive (Shibuya)", and "Liberia (Kameyama)".
<Related Artists> 岡原 功祐 / Kosuke Okahara
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