Islands of The Blest(First Edition)

Bryan Schutmaat & Ashlyn Davis

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Publisher/Silas Finch

Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/-   Size/293*343*10
"Islands of The Blest (First Edition)" is a collaborative work by American photographer Brian Stomato and writer / editor Ashlyn Davis. Stomato has been in the spotlight since receiving the Aperture Prize in the first book, "Grays the Mountain Sends" (2013). While inheriting the traditional American lineage of Walker Evans and others, the modern style with a refined texture overlaps with Alec Sos and others, and attracts photography fans. This is the second work following the previous work mentioned above, but it is a book that the creation itself was done before the previous work. Most of the illustrations have been picked up from libraries, museums, foundation digital archives in the United States, etc., and there are 44 editions in total, from those of famous photographers such as Dorothea Lange to anonymous ones. It is composed of illustrations of "Western America" taken from the 1870s to the 1970s. An undeveloped and abundant natural area is a harsh history of artificially changing little by little, becoming a mine and degrading, robbing nature and even people.
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