Family Aperture 233




Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/144   Size/235*305*13
Circular 233 of the photo magazine published by "Aperture", an American non-profit organization that offers exhibitions, photobook production, and training, discovering, and supporting photographers. The feature is "Family". Speaking of Family, it is a masterpiece of photographer Masahisa Fukase, one of the representatives of postwar Japan, which was revived last year. Of course, Fukase's works are also mentioned in this book. Several black and white illustrations and texts by Tomokosuga of Masahisa Fukase Archives are also included (English notation). In addition, Magana's long-awaited first book in 2020 is scheduled to be published by Aperture, Russian American Diana Markosian's Santa Barbara, also Magnum Christopher Anderson, and Family. A series of works by David Armstrong (including Nan Goldin's portrait), which depicts a series of intimate relationships with friends like this, and a picture of Motofu Motoyuki will also appear.
<Related Artists> 深瀬 昌久 / Masahisa FukaseDavid Armstrong
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