Color Correction(English Edition)

Ernst Haas

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A collection of works by Austrian-born photographer Ernst Haas, "Color Correction". In recent years, exhibitions have been held in Japan, and the published catalogs and photobooks have been reprinted, and the representative color photobook "Early Color" is an amazingly popular American photographer Saul with eight prints as of 2019. ·Writer. Ernst Haas has been a man of color photography since the same era as the writer and was once popular in Japan. With the exception of the four founding members of Magnum Photo, including Bresson and Capa, Haas was the first member of Magnum (later to a contributor), and with his sophisticated sense and technique, "The Magician of Color" Was also described. This Haas retrospective book has become this book, from journalism that has been featured many times in LIFE, to snaps and cinema, it is a book that you can enjoy the charm of a different color from sole writer and William Eggleston. Published in 2016, English version.
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