The Sixties by Kishin(With OBI)

篠山 紀信 / Kishin Shinoyama

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Publisher/パイ インターナショナル

Format/ハードカバー   Pages/399   Size/308*230*35
"The Sixties by Kishin (With OBI)", a photo book by Nobuno Shinoyama, one of Japan's leading photographers. Along with Nobuyoshi Araki, Nobuno Shinoyama is a photographer who represents Japan after the war. While she is a well-known writer of female portraits such as gravure, chidol, and nude, she has a strong curiosity for the "human odor" of architecture, space, food, etc. Kishinobu Shinoyama continued to describe "feeling". This book consists of works selected and edited by Shigeo Goto, a well-known creative director, from the first 60's, from over 50 years of photo production activities. In the photo book, the security struggle and fashion show at Shirokiya, which were unpublished in the photo book, Carmen Maki's vintage photo from the works of the ceiling pier, and the works of the illusory early work collection "Nude" from "The Brith" "Death Valley" "Twin" Solarization work "Phantom" is a collection of works that beautifully depicts the atmosphere of the 1960s, the origin of Kishino Shinoyama's photography. With obi.
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