Inners Light Gegen Aussere Dunkelheit

Till Gerhard

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Format/ハードカバー   Pages/-   Size/235*320*10
"Inners Light Gegen Aussere Dunkelheit" is a collection of works by Till Gerhard, a German painter and contemporary artist. Gerhard was born in 1971 and is currently based in Hamburg. After graduating from Kiel Mutezius University of the Arts, since 2000 he has held solo exhibitions in Hamburg, Berlin and New York, etc., on a large scale canvas, a rural community and a utopia skillfully incorporating color. He has a reputation for works depicting the world. This is translated as "Inners Light Against Outside Darkness". In other words, "light against the darkness inside." The book is a book that expresses the fundamental roots of human beings, and uses photographs, movies, music, etc. as a source of inspiration, and offers a variety of paintings, collages, and “light” through which one can sense “hope”.
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<Condition> Main body: cover small stain, minor damage