Ryan McGinley

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Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/37   Size/113*165*25
"Yearbook" is a collection of works by Ryan McGinley, one of the leading photographers of modern America. A photo book "Theater of Manner" by Tina Barney, which is said to be one of McGinley's favorite books as a photo book collector (by the way, Sofia Coppola also loves this book). It is a great book that captures the intimate moments of upper class families and friends, but it has something to do with McGinley's early style of love and friendship. McGinley has been described as a "private photographer" following the genealogy of Larry Clark and Nan Goldin, but the style that is definitely different from their style is "brightness" without "darkness". It may be one of the most popular ones, even on the dark side, where the bright depiction matches the present era. In recent years, he has created many works with the motif of nature and nudity, which is a fusion of the real and unreal worlds, away from the familiar snap and portrait world, but this is also a solo exhibition at Tokyo Opera City It is a set of 37 postcards of the portrait introduced. Rare.
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