Cool in the Pool(Signed)

横田 大輔 / Daisuke Yokota

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Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/256   Size/143*185*13
"Cool in the Pool (Signed)" is a collection of works by Daisuke Yokota, one of the leading photographers in contemporary Japan. There is no world of so-called "records" or "documents", and it is different from artistic elements such as "contemporary art". Daisuke Yokota. In particular, from the unique textures created during the photo development process, the abstract expressions that evoke the memory and image of the reader are very unique. He is a featured artist who regularly presents his collection of works and continues to play active roles in installations. This is a "document" that summarizes the production process of works such as "matter" in a collection of works published by self-publishing in 2018. This book is created by the movement of human hands, chemical reactions of raw materials, and the passage of time, such as creating a plastic panel with a photographic emulsion. Limited to 300 copies. Signed by photographer .
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