ariphoto selection Vol.7

有元 伸也 / Shinya Arimoto


Publisher/有元 伸也 / Shinya Arimoto

Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/-   Size/298*263*3
“Ariphoto selection Vol.7” is a collection of works by Shinya Arimoto, one of the leading photographers in Japan. Established Lotus Roots Gallery with photographer Keizo Motoda in 2006 and presided over Totem Pole Photo Gallery since 2008. Therefore, the Tokyo Circulation (2016), a series of photographs that summarizes a series of snapshots and portraits depicting humans coexisting with "city", has been published for the 26th Hayashi Tadahiko Award and the Japan Photography Association I won the award. However, it was “Tibet” that was filmed in the early days when Arimoto began working as a photographer, became a substantial debut, and became the motif of the work that won the 35th Sun Award. This is a photography trip that has continued for many years, with a temporary return home, to explore the roots of Tibetan families who met by chance on a journey. The result came out as the first book “Portrait of Tibet”. This magazine contains 17 color illustrations (including the cover) taken in Tibet in the winter of 1998.
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