Rayon Vert(New Edition)

Senta Simond


Publisher/Kominek Books

Format/ハードカバー   Pages/-   Size/268*203*15
Photo collection "Rayon Vert" by Swiss female photographer Center Simon. Center Simon has long studied at Lausanne College of Art (ECAL), Switzerland, which is regarded as one of the world's leading art schools. He has been presenting his works at group exhibitions since the 2010s, has begun to show his character since last year, and was nominated for the Paris Photo / Aperture Photobook Award 2017 First Book in his virgin work “Rayon Vert” published in 2017. Intimate collaboration between Simon and female models. At first glance, portrait nude, but as the title is quoted from the director Eric Romelle's masterpiece "Le Rayon Vert / Green Ray", the multifaceted facial expression of light and shadow, as well as a unique perspective and composition In addition, I fully feel the creativity unique to the photographer. The first edition was hand-made by authors in 2017, and about 16 copies were published. This book is a new edition published by a German publisher as a popular edition.
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