Girl(Reprint Edition)

奥山 由之 / Yoshiyuki Okuyama



Format/ハードカバー   Pages/-   Size/228*285*15
A collection of works by Japanese photographer Yoshiyuki Okuyama “Girl (Reprint Edition)”. Born in Tokyo in 1991, he is currently the most vigorous young photographer, and his photo collections have been up until now “March”, “Bacon Ice Cream”, “The New Story” (both 2015), “As the Call, So” “The Echo”, “City where you live” (2017), “Los Angeles / San Francisco”, “Pocari Sweat” (all 2018) are also very popular. This book is the first edition of Okuyama published in 2012, and a long-awaited reprint of the collection of works that became a successor. From the photographer's comments in this book, “Color, sound, smell, temperature. Peace and impatience. Dry and sad. Light and shade. Floating mind. Fluctuation of feelings. A mild depression that lasts forever. A memory record that you can remember but can't see. Sure, it was like this. " A swaying view of the world like images, repetitive images, bright and dark, clear and sometimes hazy illustrations depict various emotions and overlap with the multifaceted nature of young people living in modern times.
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