小浪 次郎 / Jiro Konami



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“Scars” is a collection of works by Jiro Konami, one of the leading photographers in Japan. Born in Tokyo in 1986, he was fascinated with photography since he was fascinated by the exhibition “Freischwimmer” by the master Wolfgang Tillmans. Together with him, Jiro Konami is leading the modern Japanese photography world. Okuyama, whose neutral and neutral image has gained support from young men and women, has a high sense of composition and color, but is more artistic and masculine. Therefore, there are frequent requests from subculture brands, and we have collaborated with many subculture brands such as “Supreme” and “WACKO MARIA”. This is a collection of photographs taken by Konami from the street brand BlackEyePatch, with the motif of the rapper “Scars” that brought a new hip-hop movement to Japan in the 2000s. A book published in limited edition of 500 at the 2018 exhibition.
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