Taking Faces

坂田 栄一郎 / Eiichiro Sakata

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A collection of works by Japanese photographer Eiichiro Sakata "Taking Faces". Born in Tokyo in 1941 and graduated from the Department of Photography, Faculty of Art, Nihon University in 1965, joined Light Publicity, where Kishin Kasayama and others were enrolled. However, he left the company in the next year and went to the United States. Sakada Eiichiro studied with Richard Avedon, one of the leading twentieth-century photographers, at the legend of portrait photography. It is also famous as a photographer who has taken the cover photo of the weekly magazine "AERA" for nearly eight years since its first issue, and is also a heavyweight who has been active in the world of commercials. This book is a collection of works made up of portraits of business people and famous artists who summarized Sakata's career. From business people such as Kazuo Inamori (Kyocera), Akio Morita (Sony), Soichiro Honda (Honda), Shoichiro Toyota (Toyota), actresses such as Yoshinaga Sayuri, Daichi Kiwako, Watanabe Eriko, and Yoko Ono, Miyake Issei, Yamamoto Koji, Even artists such as Tadanori Yokoo, there are a number of excellent illustrations by masters who are the best in portrait photography.
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