Peter Turnley

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A photograph collection of Peter Turnley, a photographer based in New York and Paris, "Parisians". Peter is a great news photographer on the cover of the New York Times, and his twin brother David is nominated four times for the Pulitzer Prize. This book is a collection of photographs of the sights of Paris that have been taken for many years. It seems to have been shooting Paris continuously since 1975, but in the early 80's, Peter Turnley who was an assistant to the representative photographer of France, Robert Doisneau. Composed of photographs from the 70's and 90's, this book shows Parisians at various places and places in Paris such as street corners, cafes, the Metro and the banks of the Seine, the World Cup stadium and Longchamp Racecourse. Many poetic photographs, such as Saul Reiter in New York, contrast with the photos of the news that were shot over the battlefield, but they offer a beautiful Parisian scene full of love and humor.
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