Love on the Left Bank(Japanese Edition, with OBI) / セーヌ左岸の恋(日本語版, 帯付)

Ed van der Elsken



Format/ハードカバー   Pages/-   Size/275*195*13
Dutch photographer Ed van der Ersken's photo book "Love on the Left Bank (Japanese Edition, with OBI) / Seine left bank love (Japanese version, with obi)". Published in 1956, this book is the well-known 1st photobook of Ersken, and it is a photobook that reigns as a monument to private photo documentary works. To date, reprints have been published frequently in Japan under the titles of "The Love on the Left Bank of the Seine" and "The Love of Saint-Germain-des-Pres". A storybook style and a unique book design that depicts the daily life of Bohemian living in Rive Gauche in Paris and spelled the love story of two men and women was highly regarded as having a great influence on later artists. I am. In addition, the model of Ann who decorated the heroine of this story is the young visual artist Vali Myers, an Australian visual artist who lived in Paris at the time to learn dance. Published in 2013, Reprint, Japanese version.
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