New York 1969(Signed)

加納 典明 / Tenmei Kanoh



Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/-   Size/213*298*8
A photobook of Japanese photographer Noriaki Kano "New York 1969". Born in 1942. After graduating from Nagoya City Industrial Arts High School, he studied for a photographer, living with Nagoya city photographer Ogawa Fujiichi. After that, he moved to Tokyo and began working as an assistant to the photographer Takashi Kuwashima in 1962. Since becoming free, he has been active in advertising and magazines, and has published many nude works on the gravure page of "Heiji Punch". This book is a collection of photographs produced with a limited edition of 200, in line with a solo exhibition held at Gallery EM in Tokyo in 2014. The trip to the US in the summer of 1969 for the New York issue of Heibon Punch, consists of snaps that were taken while staying alone between work and gravure magazines. Also, taken at the same time in New York, it is "Fuck" that will later be representative of Kano. The sky scraper, the people on the street corner, and the calm atmosphere of Central Park, cut with rough grain and high contrast. A collection of light and dynamic snaps that give the 60s New York feel. Limited to 200 copies. Photographer signed (Signed) .
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Body: Small thread, other aged