Fred Herzog -Vancouver Photographs-

Fred Herzog


Publisher/Vancouver Art Gallery

Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/160   Size/233*280*13
Photo book "Fred Herzog -Vancouver Photographs-", a photographer from Fred Herzog, born in Germany and active in Canada. She started taking self-study color photographs at the age of 1953 and 23 years, took about 120,000 street photographs, acquired her skills, and found her job as a medical photographer in Bangoo Bar in 57. Then he became head of the medical photography department of the University of British Columbia in '61 and worked for photography education at other universities while serving for the following 29 years. We have had a solo show in Canada since the 70's, but since 2000 a solo show has been held at the prestigious Lawrence Miller Gallery, etc. of New York's photo gallery, and it has gained global attention . This book is a collection of works published on the occasion of the exhibition held at Vancouver Art Gallery in 2007, and is a single volume from the 50's to the most recent 2000's.
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