Vrouwen Van Japan(Women of Japan)

Marc Riboud


Publisher/Zwarte Beertjes

Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/-   Size/115*175*13
"Vrouwen Van Japan (Women of Japan)", a photo book by French photographer Marc Riboutte. Born in the suburbs of Lyon in 1923, Libou started photography at the age of 15 with the camera that his father bought. After studying as an engineer after the war, I worked at a plant in Lyon afterwards, but I could not give up my passion for photography, so I went to Paris and visited the founding members of Magnese Photo, such as Bresson, and since 1993 I have also been a member. have become. In 1959, he became the first European photographer to travel to China and announced a reportage. Furthermore, Libou has many representative works in Asia, such as news coverage during the Vietnam War. This book is a collaborative work with French author Christine Arnothy on the theme of "Japanese women". From Japanese women, such as kimonos and ikebana, to women dressed in the "West" mixed with the Japanese and Western styles of the postwar era, and even hostesses mainly for Americans, a pocket depicting the changing image of Japanese women. book. 64-page text + 96-page photo illustration. The text is in Dutch.
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Body: Cover with little stain/damage, edge damage