Achter Glas(First Edition)

Johan Van Der Keuken


Publisher/Uitgeverij C. De Boer Jr ・ Amsterdam

Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/-   Size/243*300*10
"Achter Glas (First Edition)" is a photo book by Joan Van Der Keuken, a leading Dutch photographer. From his teens to his twenties, he released a masterpiece that left his name in the history of photography, and after that he was active in the world of photography. Ed van der Elsken, a great photographer from the same country who is a senior, highly valued Kuken's extraordinary talent from that time, and also advised on the illustration and layout of Kuken's maiden work "Wij Zijn17". In addition, there was a time when he was temporarily sleeping in his own house in Amsterdam. This book is a collection of 2nd works published following "Wij Zijn17", and is a poetic story of twin sisters Georgette Yvonne growing from a girl who remains innocent to an adult woman. A photo novel with the text of the poet Remco Campert in the photo book.
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<Condition> Acceptable.