diane arbus(Softcover, First Edition)

Diane Arbus



Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/-   Size/280*235*13
A photo book (First edition) by American female photographer Diane Arbus. A bestseller that continues to be reprinted to this day. ``I take photos because there are things that no one would want to see if I didn't take them,'' Arbus said in an interview. He is a photographer famous for his portraits of freaks, psychopaths, sexual perverts, nudists, etc. who people have turned away from. In 1967, he was selected for the ``New Documents Exhibition'' held at MoMA and had a great influence on the photography world, and his future was promising, but in 1972 he suddenly committed suicide and his existence became a legend. Although Arbus did not publish a photo book during his lifetime, this book was published after his death, edited by his daughter Doon Arbus and designed by his friend Marvin Israel, who studied under Alexei Brodovich. This book is the first edition published in 1972, and also includes ``Two girls in indentical raincoats'', which was deleted from the second edition. Softcover version.
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